Bail Bonds Get Innocent People Out of Jail

In America, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. It doesn’t matter how much evidence detectives have collected against a defendant or whether they admitted to the offense to the police. If a court has not found them guilty, they have rights, including the right to a reasonable bail. In many cases, the bail the court sets it too high for a defendant or their family to pay in cash. When people have this problem, they don’t have to wait in jail for their trial. Bail bonds are available for defendants who can’t afford to pay the total amount to the court.


Jail is not a comfortable place and it isn’t meant to be. American jails are crowded with people who can’t afford to pay their bail and have to wait in lockup until they are either cleared by the court or convicted and sent to prison. A large percentage of these people are not guilty and are eventually released after the charges against them are dismissed. There’s no need to wait in jail for the court system to decide they want to drop the charges when there are bail bonds in Forsyth County available for nearly every defendant.

The best bail bondsmen offer 24 hour service so no matter what time of day or night a person is arrested, they won’t have to spend any more time in lockup than necessary. Bail bondsmen can often get a person out of jail shortly after they have been processed. Getting out of jail quickly ensures the person will have a chance to talk to a lawyer in person right away. Although defendants can talk to a lawyer in jail, they don’t have the level of privacy they get when they walk into the attorney’s office.

Freedom also gives a person the opportunity to continue with their normal life while they fight their case from home. They can still go to work, spend time with their family and eat whatever they can afford, instead of what is served in the jail cafeteria. The only thing they need to remember is to be on time for every scheduled court appearance while they are out of jail on Bail Bonds In Forsyth County.